I spent 16 years in the historic restoration trade, mainly painting historic houses.​ ​M​y talent for being meticulous was used to ​resto​re​ antique plaster walls that were made up of horse hair, sand and oyster shell through the evolution of wall board. In 2008, I sustained an injury at work which placed me on a path to meet a master clockmaker.

After studying under this master clockmaker​,​ I ​gained the experience needed ​to repair mechanical timepieces along with an apptit​itude for metal work, and a willingness to figure out the slightest reason why a clock will run and then stop.

to your timepieces.  


Offering cleaning, repairs, &

Eastport Clock Company is a locally-owned, small business offering a uniquely-skilled service.  You can count on me to take good care of your timepiece of antiquity and to ensure that it is running properly.  With training by a master clockmaker, I take pride in providing the service and care your clock needs.  All of my work is guaranteed.


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